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What is granite composed of?

Granite is comprised of feldspar and quartz, and is a common mineral that is probably as old as the earth. It is formed when liquid magma slowly cools, resulting in a substance almost as hard and durable as a diamond. The hardness and density are the result of its solidifying under extreme pressure within the earth.

What makes up the various colors in granite?
The various colors of granite are caused by different metal oxides that contaminate pure forms of quartz and feldspar. Some are variegated in color, the result of major disturbances such as earthquakes that occurred eons ago. The size of the crystal in granite also varies. In general, the slower a granite cools, the larger the crystal. And the faster it cools, the smaller the crystal. This process actually is not unlike growing crystals on a string. Granite of the same name can vary depending on when and where it was quarried.

Does all granite have the same hardness?
No, granite varies in hardness. Most of the time, they are half as hard as diamonds, the hardest natural stone, (That is why diamonds must be used to fabricate granite products.) Certain colors can be harder than others. Marble, for example is only a fraction as hard as granite.

How does granite compare to other surfaces used for counter tops?
Granite is simply the best work surface available. Its polished finish won't wear off. Unlike synthetic Corian and other laminate surfaces, granite will not blister, scratch or crack. It can take a hot pot without the use of a trivet. And its cool polished surface is ideal for rolling out pastry dough.

How hot is too hot for granite?
Frying pans that have accumulated large quantities of cooking oil or pans used for frying should cool away from granite. Hot oil is very viscous and may stain the stone, especially lighter colors. An appropriate sealer, factory applied, is the best insurance against stains.

Granite is a beautiful, durable and cost competitive solution for kitchens, baths and other applications. They are an investment that homeowners will never regret. With deep, iridescent colors, granite offers the elusive beauty created only by nature. It adds character and warmth to kitchens, baths and other areas of the home that cannot be duplicated in synthetic Stone Colors.





















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