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Westwood Tile & Stone
will warranty your granite countertop for any manufacturing defect during the first ten years after initial installation, except for damage due to chemical or physical misuse, including improper cleaning or lack of cleaning, limited to indoor residential installations only.

Westwood Tile & Stone's liability is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective granite piece only, subject to the availability of the granite color. If the color is no longer available, liability is limited to the cash value of the installed piece based on current square foot prices if we determine that a satisfactory repair cannot be made. This value will be reimbursed in the form of a store credit.

Warranty is valid only for granite countertops cared for in accordance with Care & Cleaning Instructions provided and to owners that have registered their countertop by returning the card attached.

This does not include natural characteristics of granite such as color variation, water lines, surface marks or natural aging, which may include darkening on some colors, loss of shine on edge or surface and chips in high use areas. Nor does it cover damage caused by items out of our control such as settlement, fire or acts of nature, which may cause stress cracks.




















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